Victoria Guardianship Ltd is headquartered in Nottingham and has offices and cooperative companies in China. Our application and guardian team consist of experienced teachers who have successfully applied to origin nine schools and are reliable bilingual guardians from good educational backgrounds.


In order to practically guarantee the guardianship services, we clarify the duties, do systematic pre-post training and set evaluation criteria for their work. We believe guardianship is not only about solving basic needs for students, but also about emotional support and positive guidance.


Victoria Guardianship is founded by two young entrepreneurs graduated from University of Nottingham who studied international business and psychology. As we ourselves have had the experience of being Chinese oversea students, we have a deep understanding of the abroad study life and aim to help more Chinese young students studying in the UK. This project is also approved and supported by the official Entrepreneurship centre of the University of Nottingham. Based on the increasing trend of Chinese students receiving education in the UK at a young age, Victoria Guardianship Company aims to promote the young overseas study market and high-quality services.


Professional Guardianship

Each guardian is highly qualified and good communication skills in both English and Chinese. The guardian team is made up of British native residents or Chinese who have lived in the UK for more than 10 years and provide meticulous care for students. UKVG provide one-stop monitoring services from pick-up to city tour, leading students out of the school to experience the British customs, regularly meet with students, build bridges among parents, students and schools.

Besides, the guardianship service includes the supervisor who responsible for supervise the guardian and record the academy and life situation of students. For the school holiday, UKVG will assist students to do a detailed arrangement during half term and national festivals, make them a habit to fully use time, even balance life and study. 

Academy Supervision

Normally, new students need time to adapt to the environment when they first enter the UK school, and even some minor have poor self-control problem. UKVG provide daily learning assistance service, regularly report to parents with students’ situation in school, and help each other to match the academic experts according to their needs.

Psychological Advisory

Teenagers are most likely to have psychological problems, especially when they are in the formative stage of their personality and studying alone in a foreign country. Therefore, UKVG provides the student with professional psychological counselling and the hotline is always on even on weekends. Meanwhile, the counsellor will also give students a visit or a call regularly.