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Previous Cases


Name: Liu

Age: 14 years old

Guardianship period: 2 years

Guardian: Viola

Studied school: Ashville College

Liu told UKVG that the reason she finds us was that her previous guardian had not provided her with equivalent services. Therefore, her friend advised her with UKVG guardianship service. The guardian of Liu is the company founder Viola, and they have developed a very deep emotional connection, not just a business relationship to fulfil the contract, but a close relationship.


Liu joined Viola's social circle and explore a different world. Then, through the academic tutorial and psychological counselling, Liu increased the results of Chemistry course from 3 to the 7 successfully. At the same time, Viola helped Liu identify the future university course. UKVG believe Liu will be able to achieve her goal in the final two years of A levels.



Name: Yu

Age: 17 years old

Guardianship period: 1 years

Guardian: Moja

Studied school: UCL

Yu accepted the UCL offer when he just had the birthday. He told UKVG his concerns about coming to the UK to live and study and asked many questions about guardianship. UKVG final help Yu solve his problems through careful answers and patient guidance. Meanwhile, UKVG recommended Moja who is proficient in both Chinese and English to be his guardian according to his requirements.


Perhaps they have a similar study abroad experience, Moja was like the sister of Yu and they always shared secrets with each other. Additionally, Moja also invited Yu together to the concert of her husband. They kept the close relationship until now although the guardianship of Yu is ended now. Yu always visits Moja's home and keep good communication with the family. 


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