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Founded: 1540
Boarding: Yes
School type: Co-ed
Age range: 16-18
Fee: £13,084 per term (year 12)
Address: Little Dean's Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3PF
Location: Hampshire (England)
Ranking: 2 (Alevels) 5 (GCSE)

Westminster School traces its history back to 1179 when Pope Alexander required the Benedictine monks of Westminster Abbey to provide for the education of boys from the immediate locality. It is a day and boarding school, for boys from age 13, and co-educational in the sixth form. Around a quarter of pupils board in one of six all-age boarding houses.

The school aims to be a highly academic school where individual and corporate excellence is promoted. It considers the dialogue between teachers and their pupils, whether in the classroom or in tutorials, to be central to its ethos, thus aiming to inspire passion for learning, convey knowledge and develop the skills of rational, independent thought, and liberation from dogma, prejudice or unthinking conformity. Pupils come mainly from a range of professional and business family backgrounds, drawn from London and throughout the UK, and also from overseas.

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