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Founded: 1843
Boarding: Yes
School type: Co-ed
Age range: 10-16 years old
Fee: £12,605 per term (all grades)
Address: Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1PA
Location: Wilt (England)
Ranking: 67 (Alevels) 97 (GCSE)

Marlborough College was founded in 1843 to educate the sons of Church of England clergymen. It retains a strong association with the Anglican Church, although today it is a co-educational boarding school for over 900 pupils from the ages of 13 -18, welcoming all faiths. 

The school seeks to foster excellence through teaching and learning, thus promoting the strongest possible educational values, in order that pupils develop into responsible and confident young adults with the skills to make a difference in whatever they choose to do. It strives to encourage pupils to have the integrity to do what is right, to take responsibility for themselves and others and to aim for rigour in all that they do. Pupils come from a range of professional backgrounds from families living mainly in the south of England.

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